Our team was elated to have the opportunity to attend WordCamp 2023, a highly anticipated and prominent event in the WordPress community. Held at the IMA Hall in Kochi on March 25th, 2023, the event was a celebration of “God’s Own Country”, and we were captivated by the tremendous enthusiasm displayed by fellow Keralites.

What made WordCamps Special?
WordCamps are community-organized WordPress events that unite WordPress enthusiasts worldwide with a common goal: connecting and learning from each other. WordCamps cater to individuals at all levels, including beginners and advanced users, developers, and content creators, providing valuable opportunities for learning and networking.

With various presentations, social gatherings, hands-on workshops, and other activities, WordCamps provide the perfect opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the platform, network with like-minded individuals, and discover new opportunities. It’s a vibrant and inclusive community that fosters collaboration and growth, making WordCamps an invaluable experience for anyone passionate about WordPress.

On the day, March 25th 2023, we arrived sharp at 8.30 AM at the event hall, where it was amazing to see the excitement of 500+ attendees, who palpable into the hall when the doors were opened. The WordChamp has presented a great opportunity to connect with fellow sponsors, WordPress enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and talented individuals.

The atmosphere was warm and distinctive, welcoming us with open arms. As a Hosting Sponsor, we had the opportunity to showcase our offerings at our booth, which added a conference-like feel to the event. We proudly highlighted our products designed to provide a lightning-fast hosting experience, and the response was beyond our expectations. It was a pleasure to share our knowledge and engage with attendees at our booth.

Share some highlights from our booth!

The day was filled with engaging sessions covering various aspects of WordPress, and we were thrilled to be part of it all. While we can’t list down the complete agenda, here are a few examples of the insightful sessions led by talented speakers: “Why should I contribute to WordPress.org?”, “Importing Plugins & WordPress”, “Roadmap for a Career in the WordPress Ecosystem”, and “WordPress Security? How Not to Maintain Your Site?”. Additionally, there was a live discussion among WordPress entrepreneurs on “The WordPress Economy in 2023”.

We had a valuable and enjoyable time at WordCampKerala!

Kirti S

Kirti S