Ucartz offers a unique service in which we offer a set of multiple IPv4 with a dedicated server. It is used by organizations that are in Email Business, multiple marketing campaigns, Call Center operators and SEO. Dedicated servers with multiple IPs help organizations save Hardware costs. We at Ucartz offer options for running a dedicated server with 32 IP’s, 64 IP’s, 128 IP’s and 256 IP’s. All IP’s we offer are clean and Whitelisted IPv4, and users can use these IP’s to run multiple applications on a single server.

We offer multiple IP addresses on our dedicated server. You can choose the IP range that suits your requirement. With every dedicated server, we offer “/29,” i.e. 5 usable IPs absolutely free. However, you can choose other IP ranges at a minimal cost.

There is no strict limit on IPs per server. However, for a larger number of IPs like “/24” (256 IPs), you would have to specify the exact purpose of the usage of IPs. This is a standard process before allotting a range such as “/24”.

In a Dedicated server, we support various versions of OS. Customers can opt for various flavours of Windows and Linux operating systems to run a dedicated server with 256 IP’s. We also provide support to install control panels on a dedicated server.

Key Features with us

  • Root Access
  • Instant setup 
  • Premium network, 99.999% network
  • Dedicated IPv4 
  • Any operating system
  • Excellent Performance
  • Technical support 24x7x365
  • Free Standard DDoS Protection
  • Choice of exact hardware configuration

A couple of highly recommended Top-selling Dedicated Server:

Configuration #1:

INTEL I3-3220

Memory: 16GB DDR3 ECC

Disk: 2TB SATA

Bandwidth: 200TB on 1Gbps Port

IP Assignments: 5 usable IPv4

Price: $68.00/month

Get Now: https://www.ucartz.com/clients/cart.php?a=add&pid=195&currency=1

Configuration #2:


Memory: 2GB DDR3

Disk: 500GB SATA

Bandwidth: Unlimited on 100 Mbps Port

IP Assignments: 1 usable IPv4

Price: $9.99/month

Get Now: https://www.ucartz.com/clients/cart.php?a=add&pid=887&currency=1

Enjoy the reliable network that facilitates 99.99% uptime, stable performance, and genuine redundancy. Apart from an unmanaged dedicated server solution, we do offer custom dedicated servers, too, according to the need of a client to meet their requirements. The packages can be customized to include/exclude additional memory, hard drives, and bandwidth. Contact us with your requirement regarding Custom dedicated servers deployment.

Kirti S