Learn how to make money through reseller hosting by becoming a Shoutcast reseller host with Ucartz. Our platform offers a reliable and high-quality service, allowing you to mark up prices and earn a profit while providing your customers with top-notch streaming solutions. Optimize your SEO with our expert tips and strategies and become a successful Shoutcast reseller host today.


Shoutcast Reseller hosting is a service that allows individuals or companies to resell Shoutcast streaming services to their own customers. Shoutcast is a popular streaming technology that allows users to broadcast audio content over the internet. With a reseller hosting account, the reseller can create and manage their own Shoutcast accounts and packages for their customers, often with the ability to set their own prices and branding. This can be a good option for those looking to start their own internet radio station or for companies looking to offer streaming services to their clients.

There are several ways to earn through Shoutcast reseller hosting:

  1. Selling hosting packages: One of the main ways to make money as a Shoutcast reseller is by selling hosting packages to your own customers. You can purchase a block of Shoutcast hosting services from a provider and then resell them to your own clients at a markup.
  2. Upselling additional services: You can also make money by upselling additional services to your customers such as custom branding, technical support, or advanced analytics.
  3. Advertising Revenue: You can also monetize your Shoutcast stream by running ads and sharing the revenue with your customers.
  4. Sponsorship: You can also generate revenue by partnering with businesses or brands and getting them to sponsor your stream.
  5. Subscription: You can also generate revenue by allowing your listeners to subscribe to your stream, gaining access to exclusive content or perks.

How to become a Shoutcast reseller?

Setting up an online radio station is now easier than ever with Ucartz’s SHOUTcast Reseller. To become a Shoutcast reseller with UCartz, you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose your SHOUTcast Reseller plan
Ucartz offers a variety of SHOUTcast Reseller plans that cater to your specific needs and budget. Determine the plan that best suits your storage, bandwidth, listeners etc.

Step 2: Select your control panel
Once you’ve selected a plan, choose the control panel that meets your needs. Ucartz provides a range of control panels, such as CentovaCast and SonicPanel.

Step 3: Choose the location of your SHOUTcast Reseller
Select a server location closest to your audience for better performance and audio quality.

Step 4: Complete your order
Once you have confirmed the SHOUTcast Reseller plan, complete your order and pay.

As of now, you will have received access to your SHOUTcast Reseller account. Now start setting up your SHOUTcast Reseller account, and you can begin your radio streaming business.

 It is recommended to start promoting your online radio streaming business through social media, email marketing, and other promotional channels. Also, it’s important to note that becoming a SHOUTcast reseller with Ucartz requires some business skills, so it might be a good idea to gain that knowledge before starting the process. Ucartz also offers a reseller program where they provide you with the necessary information and support to assist you in reselling their service successfully.


Becoming a SHOUTcast reseller host can be a profitable business opportunity for those who are interested in the hosting and streaming industry. By reselling SHOUTcast reseller hosting packages, you can earn a profit by marking up the prices of the packages you resell while still providing your customers with a reliable and high-quality service. However, it is important to research and understand the market, as well as to build a strong reputation and provide excellent customer service to be successful as a SHOUTcast reseller host.

Kirti S

Kirti S